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Posted on 04-12-2017

Heartworm Awareness Month in Orlando FL

Many pet owners, though they have heard of heartworm disease, are unaware of how dangerous heart worms can be for their animal friends. Knowing what heartworm disease is, how it can be prevented and what can be done to treat heartworms in infected animals is important. At Econ River Animal Hospital, we help pet owners understand heartworm disease, and we treat our pet patients to protect them from this serious condition. 

Veterinarian with happy dog

Heartworm Causes and Symptoms 

Heartworm is a disease that can be fatal. Heartworms are parasites that can live inside the body inside the lungs and heart. Although both dogs and cats are susceptible to heartworm disease, heartworms react very differently depending on which type of animal is infected. 

Dogs are a natural host for heartworms, and can harbor hundreds of heartworms at one time. Dogs that are infected with heartworms can be treated if the condition is properly diagnosed.

Cats are not a natural host for heartworms and typically will only have two or three heartworms at one time. Cats cannot be treated for heartworm and thus prevention is the only method of protecting cats. 

In the early stages, heartworm disease is very difficult to identify. Symptoms of late-stage heartworm disease includes:

  • Weight loss.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Fatigue.
  • Cough.
  • Fluid in the abdomen. 

Protect Your Pet in the Orlando and Sanford Area

Heartworm is a very common problem in Florida. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your pet. 

  • Medication. Pets benefit from FDA approved heartworm prevention medication. At Econ River Animal Hospital, we keep up with all the latest medical innovations and know exactly which types of medications are right for your pet.   
  • Testing. All pets should be tested annually for heartworm disease. At Econ River Animal Hospital, we recommend that pets get tested for heartworms during their annual wellness exam.
  • Know the symptoms. Being able to recognize the symptoms of heartworm can help you protect your pet and get him or her the treatment needed if infected. 

As your pet's vet clinic in Sanford, we can help your pet avoid heartworm disease. If your pet is diagnosed with heartworm disease, we can help your pet with targeted therapies and treatments. 

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Orlando for Heartworm Treatment and Vaccinations

As your pet’s vet in Sanford, we can help your pet get the veterinary care he or she needs. Whether your pet has been diagnosed with heartworms or simply needs preventative care, we can help. We believe that we can help our pet patients with preventative care and through pet owner education. Our veterinary experts administer expert treatment to infected dogs and cats in Sanford and Orlando, and answer pet owner questions. To make an appointment for your pet, contact us today at 407-330-7387.

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